AIR Brush Residence. Nairobi

The AIR Brush Residency 2017 by Brush Tu Studio in Nairobi was such an amazing experience for me. Meeting other artists and being warmly welcomed into the Nairobi/Kenyan arts community was such a growth factor for me as an artist. Hosted with two other artists form Benin and Nigeria, i went on to enjoy as i explored Nairobi and other parts of Kenya. It was in an interesting time of year as Kenya was preparing to go into its Presidential elections and so was Rwanda. These events happened to be the point of my research in looking at how the people on Kenya and Rwanda distinctively get involved in the elections and general public duties with history of election violence in recent presidential elections in Kenya unlike Rwanda where it’s not.

With fellow artists, Micheal Musyoka (L) & Kipruto Abdul (C) of Brush Tu.

With politics widely said to be a game, i looked at how the political candidates would post their faces on the walls around Nairobi, i listened to radio debates and watched Television broadcasts of the saga that ensued in various political rallies  of men and women in Red and Blue and talking and placing their words with care in calculation of winning over the peoples hearts for votes. It’s from such events and sightings that i got inspired to produce a Body of works exhibited at the end of the residency.Working In Studio

At the Residence Exhibition – KOBO Trust Artist Space.

MUNGORA in Kigali.jpg
With Artist Elias Mung’Ora (R) and Nicholas (BIEA) in Kigali

And it all started with Artist Mung’Ora urging me to go for the Residence at Brush Tu where he is also influential in the studios vibrancy in Kenya’s Art Scene as ambassador representing the studio internationally with his Solo-Exhibitions and participation in Art Fares nationally and internationally and with the Brush Tu Artists family.

Thank you Micheal, Maina, Wawero (aka-Uncle Wesh), Thuku, Mung’Ora, Abdul, Lincoln and Peteros, Angela, Becky, Mary, Nikomambo and many many other Artist that i met and interacted with during my time in Nairobi. Y’all made Nairobi my happy place. Asante sana!

Author: WANDULU Timothy

Artist from Kigali Rwanda practicing multiple disciplines of art from painting to performance, sculpting, drawing and new media arts like video, audio, photographic impressions & graphics and animation.

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