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Born in Uganda, Rwandan by nationality, i am a multi-disciplinary self taught visual artist. A full time practicing artist since 2009, a tutor and facilitator since 2014 and practicing furniture design with interest in architecture. My arts practice ranges from visual arts to performances and installations with experience from coordinating and facilitating arts projects, participating in local and international artist workshops, leadership, education and facilitation workshops, artist residencies & exhibitions. These influence my role and growth as an Artist.

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Photo by: Chris Shwagga.

Artist Statement.

My work is currently a study of self and my general environment. Finding myself living in Rwanda where i just turned a national, there is a lot for me to learn and share, change and rebuild. My work therefore addresses themes of Identity, social taboos, cultural regeneration, communal responsibilities and education, social, political and economic uncertainties. In my practice, facilitation and coordination of communities and project based artistic activities are major components in my work as I believe it not only bridges the gap between the arts and the public but also contributes to the arts development process through dialogue, interaction, experimentation and collaboration.

Being a multi-disciplinary artist creating paintings, sculptures and installations, performance, video, audio and general digital art, all these mediums are put to use with what best fits for the reaction to the counteract challenges I encounter practicing in an environment that restricts freedom of expression. I always find a way.
With my paintings, I am exploring mixed media with different materials. Using recycled paper, acrylics, oil pastels and different image transfers i glue, paste paper, block paint, draw and juxtapose images on canvas producing figurative paintings. Sculptures and installations are done with a sturdy of materials and the site welding metal objects fitting it with waste plastics and wood is blended with plant fiber and raw earth material, video and digital art material comes as a concept or an experienced and researched incidence from society and self, history and memory while audios are made from recorded raw sounds and collected files connected to the project. These experiments with materials and techniques feed my practice and art forms that are forever changing and growing harmoniously. It is a representation of my surroundings and reaction to my experiences through daring to take action and persistence.

My observation make the art that tells my story and that of the society. Stories about belonging and identity, love and relationships, the good, beautiful and the ugly in life. My art is not just a commentary about life, it also seeks to create practical solutions to the challenges that we all face at any one given time, and to celebrate the victories that come after the challenges.
I am not remote from these challenges and triumphs. They form an integral part of who I am as an artist and as a growing member of my society. And when I start to create my art, I convey these essences of daily life through my artworks.

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